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Barcelona Days 6

Date. 2022

As not everyone is lucky enough to reside in a region with all-year round warm weather, there's no better winter escape plan than jumping on a plane and heading to the mecca of street riding; the beautiful Barcelona. We also invited some other riders to join us and have been amazed by the response, I mean how sick is it to see guys like Emil Johansson and Sam Pilgrim shred the streets? Now enough with the chit chat, sit back and watch 9 riders make Barcelona their playground for 13 minutes of pure MTB Street riding!

Unexpected Thursday

Date. 2008 to 2023

The Unexpected Thursday series is a collective project made by The Rise. The series as been created at the beginnings of The Rise and is now counting 50 episodes, making it the longest street mountain bike series in the world right now.

Unexpected Thursday
MTB Skatepark Riding | Unexpected Thursday 53 | The Rise MTB
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MTB Street: Unexpected Thursday 50 - The Rise MTB videos
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Freestyle MTB Unexpected Thursday 47 Woodward East Trip The Rise MTB Videos
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MTB Unexpected Thursday 45 Clubhouse Session The Rise MTB Videos
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The Rise at Air Rec Center

Date. 2021

Filmed and edited by Louis Lhomel

Follow Louis Lhomel and Matt Macduff as they head to Air Rec Center in British-Columbia and have a session with local rider Chance Moore who absolutely kills it. The park looks extremely fun and the guys threw down some insane stuff as usual! Huge thanks to all the locals for the warm welcome and we can't wait for the next session!

One Spot with John New

Date. 2020

Filmed John and Jan, edited by Louis Lhomel.

John New headed to Innsbruck's famous Landhaus Plaza for a session and here is the result. Located near John's house, the Landhaus Plaza is basically the best warm-up spot one can ask for; about 9000 square meters of rideable features where biking and skating are allowed! Hit play to see John New get involved in some sophisticated balance maneuver including a guest clip from his homie Jan Walter.

TAZ Lost Tapes

Date. 2020

Typical winter sesh with the boys at Montreal's Le Taz. For some reason these clips were swept under the rug, but thankfully they made it out of the shadows because there's some pure fire in there! Watch the homies Croots, Lhomel, Desjardins, Menduni and Trepanier ride around Le Taz during a private sessions and stack some bicycle stunts and tricks.

Louis Lhomel summer shredz

Date. 2020

Most of the time found behind the camera, Louis Lhomel sometimes switches the roles around and jumps in front of it in the most natural ways there is. Blame it on Covid, everyone was stuck home most of the year so far, but luckily Louis had just moved to a new spot in Montreal with a freshly built skatepark about 5 minutes away.

While shredding the new park regularly, Louis linked up with Montreal BMX rider and cinematographer Lukas Adam Chassé and they decided to work on this part together. Lukas is a BMX mogul in Montreal, mostly known for his implication with the Mannish BMX crew; from producing a full length video with them among many other video projects.

Street Shit with Aaron Chase

Date. 2018

Getting out there with the homies never gets old. You know, getting out there looking for good spots to shred, have a session with the boys and stack a few clips? That's what's up. Follow the crew as they get involved in some casual street shit with the big homie Aaron Chase!

HTC Sessions

Date. 2016

MTB Park session at Highland Mountain by The Rise. The HTC is more commonly known as a training center, but when you get down to the basics of it, it's and opportunity to fly with your homies while having the best time ever. Few weeks ago, we headed to America's Finest Biking Destination, Highland Mountain Bike Park, to ride dirt jumps, downhill and the HTC. As this was right before Crankworks, we ran into Thomas Genon and Thomas Lemoine as they were on site to perfection their stunts for their upcoming contest.

Matt Macduff hit the roof

Date. 2015

Street MTB Rider Matt Macduff teamed up with filmer Louis Lhomel to produce this incredible MTB video at the famous Joyride 150 MTB indoor bikepark.

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