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The Loop of Doom is a full feature documentary project still in production. If you would like to get involved in the Loop Of Doom project, please contact the crew by email via

We follow professional mountain biker Matt Macduff on his quest to reenact a century old circus stunt; the loop-the-loop. Back in 1903, this forgotten stunt changed the world of circus performance for ever and could very be the birth of action sports. Called Diavolos and dressed as devils, those stuntmen risked their lives every night for people's entertainment. 6 years later, the stunt suddenly disappear and would not be attempted for more than a hundred years. 

In 2016, after 3 years of research and hard work, Matt as finally gather everything he need to bring the loop back to life, only to discover he might also have brought back the curse behind this mysterious stunt. Through his trials and tribulations, we have the chance to witness what it was like to skirt the borderline of infinity. A poetic tale of determination, courage and passion, where the past and the future walk hand in hand in order to understand what it means to live in the present. 

Loop of Doom - Teaser

Date. 2016

Quick teaser made after the crash. A little glimpse of the material gathered during the first Africa trip.

After over 3 year of research, determination and hard work, Matt managed to find everything he needed to make his project happen. Built in a month at the Garden Route Trail Park in South Africa, the gigantic structure rises up to 40 ft. in the sky. On Saturday march 19th 2016, Matt Macduff sustained a terrible fall attempting to make his way around the Loop Of Doom. The crash left him with 10 fractures in his right wrist and 3 fractures in his right ankle. 

The Matt Macduff Show - Podcast

Date. 2020

Matt Macduff's personal podcast. In the 9th episode, Matt sit down with me to discuss a little bit about the early years of the Loop Of Doom project. How it came to be and what the future holds. Paying tribute to cyclings forgotten history and the awesomeness of mankind. 

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